Chris Shelley, 25 year old graphic artist from Southern California. I've had a desire to create digitally since I can remember. Working through the updates over the years of digital design, I have explored my options of creativity in all different ways. I love building a brand, or an artist, from the ground up. Developing everything from the identity, to specific color spectrums for brand recognition, to the over all nature of a project's esthetics. I enjoy devoting time to each projects' specific needs. Researching, learning, and pushing myself to make each project unique.  The ability to create something out of nothing has always been a huge passion of mine. I am constantly urging to discover, and acquire new abilities, in which I can differentiate myself through a limitless means of art and creativity. I look forward to all future endeavors, and possibilities, that will help further build myself as an artist.




Los Angeles, CA


Preferred OS / Mac